Hi, I am Hazel, the writer and owner of this blog, PawsomeOldies.com

Some of you may have known me as the creator of the site Natural Dog Health Remedies, which I started in 2008.

Why I Decided to Start This Blog

Until August 14, 2017, I was a happy dog mom with a beautiful, loving, and wonderful mutt (a Golden Retriever and Shiba-inu mix – a “Golden ReShiba”?) called Hana.

We made a lot of sweet and happy memories together.

Then on the fateful date of August 14, she suddenly had a seizure – it was her first, and last, seizure.

No amount of anti-convulsion drugs would stop the seizing, which continued for almost 30 minutes. Because Hana was 15 years old, her vet suspected a brain tumor.

We didn’t want her to suffer any longer and decided to let her go peacefully.

That was the most difficult and heart-wrenching decision we ever had to make.

Now Hana is a memory herself.

For a while, I blamed myself for not noticing anything wrong with her, not paying closer attention to any changes in her physical and mental conditions the few months before she passed, not letting the vet continue to inject anti-convulsion drugs into her vein…

After all, I created my website on natural dog health.  I should have known better and more about how brain tumors could be a silent killer!!!

That of course was part of my grieving-self talking.

There is no way for me to know she had a brain tumor.  Heck, looking at her physical checkup and blood work, even her vet didn’t consider the possibility…

However, knowing what I knew now, and having lived with a senior dog for so long, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with other dog parents whose dogs are in their golden years.

I want to give you educated advice and suggestions on things like dog health and wellness, foods, snacks, and supplements that are good for senior dogs, and how to watch out for possible illness symptoms, and how to care for your sweet fur-babies holistically.

More importantly, I want to impress on you one thing: our time with our sweet dogs is short and limited, so don’t waste even one day not bonding with them, don’t waste even one day getting stressed and sweating over small stuff – as a dog’s instinct is like a radar – it can pick up your emotions in an instance, and the dog will feel what YOU feel.

Together, let’s build a senior dog community, share our knowledge and experience, and celebrate the lives of our pawsome oldies.