Pet Loss Poems

Pet Loss Poems

I wrote these pet loss poems after losing my 15-year-old dog Hana in August 2017. It was an immensely healing process for me, as I could reflect on the love and special bond that we shared.

These pet loss poems may bring tears to your eyes, but at the same time, I hope they can bring warmth and joy to your heart as you recall all the happy sweet memories you had with your dogs. Let’s celebrate the lives and legacies of our beloved dogs!

Pet Loss Poems

by Hazel Ketko

“If Only…”

That day when I said
“See you later”
I never knew “later”
Would turn out to be “never”.

You were struck down
By your brain tumor
That caused a fit
Of never-ending seizure.

Not wanting you to suffer
We put you to sleep forever
Leaving me frantically
Trying to find closure…

If only…

If only I could tell
That day you weren’t feeling well
I would’ve gone for help
Wouldn’t have left you by yourself.

If only I’ve had a magic wand
I would’ve made you strong
Your disease would’ve been gone
Nothing could’ve broken our forever bond.

If only I could have one more day
Before the angels took you away
I would’ve held you in an embrace
And gently stroked your face
I would’ve told you to be brave
And that you’d be safe.

If only I’d known that was our last goodbye
I would’ve tried hard not to cry
But stayed right by your side
I would’ve sung you a lullaby
And let you know
You’re my joy and my pride.

If only…

“Don’t Cry for Me”

Mommy, Daddy
Don’t cry for me
Can’t you just see
I am forever free?

Free from agony and pain
From diseases that restrain
My body and my brain.

I am no longer scared
I am not despaired
From suffering I am spared
My body is now repaired!

I am no longer stressed
I am not depressed
No way am I distressed
I feel oh so blessed!

Mommy, Daddy
Don’t weep at my grave
I’m not there, I’m away
But know that I am safe.

At the Bridge I play
In angels’ arms I sway
On a cloud I pray
For you to be brave
I sleep with your heart
In my sweet embrace.

So Mommy, Daddy
Make the mourning brief
Then let go of your grief
Hold on to this belief:
Your side I will never ever leave.

“Because of You”

Because of You
My days were filled with laughter
Joy was what we were after
I thought we’d be always together.

Because of You
My life was so much fun
In the rain and in the sun
Along the beach we would run.

Because of You
I got out of the rat race
Ceased living in a frantic pace
I learned to stop and smell the flower
Even when caught in a shower.

You showed me the joy of giving
And the simple art of living
You showed me unconditional love
And how to be strong and tough
You taught me about life
And the greatness of sacrifice…

You may have left my side
And made me sad and cry
But I know this is not real goodbye
‘Cos I can still find you inside
Our bond remains strongly tied
And the sweet memories we shared
Have not died.

“A Message from the Rainbow Bridge”

It’s been a while
Since I saw you smile.
It hurts me so
To see you crying,
To hear you sighing,
To feel your heart dying.

It’s important
To mourn and grieve,
But it’s more important
To continue to live and breathe.

It moves me so
To feel your pure emotion,
Your undying love,
Your unyielding devotion.

But please know that
I am happy as can be.
My body is whole,
My soul is free.

So please dry your tears
And bury your fears.
When you are ready,
Rescue another lost soul
And make it whole.

I won’t feel betrayed;
There is ample room
In your heart
For me and another stray!

And until we meet again,
I’ll be waiting
Right here by the bridge,
Waiting for you.

This is not the end,
‘Cos I was,
I am,
And always will be
Your forever friend.

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